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Honest Fella

March 15, 2007 @ 09:04

I can't figure out this latest story about problems at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

The OLGC has yanked more than a million Super Bingo Scratch Cards out of circulation after a customer complained that you could tell if a card was a winner without scratching it.

Some might argue that the OLGC is over-reacting to the complaints of one man, but I argue that the man who complained is an idiot.

I've got to be honest, if I noticed flaws in Super Bingo Scratch Cards that allowed me to detect winners before I purchased them, I'd be off on a province wide tour visiting every goddamn variety store between Toronto and Thunder "freakin" Bay, and I wouldn't say a word to anyone.

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35 Responses to "Honest Fella"

March 15, 2007 / 10:00

I agree even the most honest person would be tempted to take advantage.
This a huge over reaction by the OLC. But its a goverment run agency they either over react or don't react at all
Either way this basterd has given us all hope that there is still some honest people left in this world But I can assure you if it was me who figured this out we would still have no faith in man kind

March 15, 2007 / 13:17

I'm sure that more than, ‘one man,” had this lucrative information. Perhaps the only reason for the complaint was that others were beating him to the goodies and he was tired of sifting through loser tickets.

I wouldn't be looking for any faith in mankind wherever there is a gambling concern. And that's just the way I like it

March 15, 2007 / 18:37

What an idiot!

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