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America Has Problems

March 6, 2007 @ 09:00

The BBC has just released a survey of world image and the United States ranked third on the negative list.

They asked 28 thousand people in 27 countries and only Israel and Iran had a more negative image than the good old USA. Hell, North Korea had a better image than the States.

I don't know what they plan to do with this information because it's not going to change anything, because if there's anything Americans don't give a shit about, it's the way the way the rest of the world looks at them.

As a matter of fact, most Americans will never see or hear this information because as far as they're concerned the world ends at their borders. And beyond that, the American establishment doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks either.

They have a job to do and if it means pissing a few people off, so be it.

The American attitude is summed up beautifully by a promo that's running on the FOX News Channel right now. I saw it for the first time last night.

When they come back from a commercial the screen was filled with a waving American flag and then there was a graphic that said "America has problems."

At that point I thought, "wow, at least they admit it."

But then that graphic dissolved into another graphic that said "But America isn't the problem."

By the way, in that BBC survey, Canada ranked number one in positive image.

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21 Responses to "America Has Problems"

Jon May
March 6, 2007 / 09:38

Yes, America has problems. No question. So does every other country in the world.

But, it's interesting that we are viewed negatively by "most of the world"--which consists of the same countries that call us immediately when they have trouble they can't (or don't want to) handle!

We tend to be "everywhere" because we are ASKED to be everywhere. And even if we're not asked, there's nobody else to take care of it. (Believe me I often wish there were.) So, they call us "imperialistic".
But, God forbid we DON'T jump up to help! Then, we're "selfish and uncaring".

I'm quite aware of the world beyond the U.S. border (since I live 15 miles from it).

But, you're right, Fred. Overall, I just don't give a damn what "most of the world" thinks. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't, so why bother worrying?

Loving you (and Canada) though!

Jon May
March 6, 2007 / 09:40

...and by the way, you talked about FOX News, but let's consider the other source here: the BBC has quite an liberal/America-hating slant to it. Not a new thing. Just sayin'.

March 6, 2007 / 17:47

Nice story and you would like to think that Our president is paying attention to these things before he goes and asks for help in IRAQ. Which we dont even belong there...but thats another story.

March 7, 2007 / 00:05

This all started when America started to use influence and play games in other poor/developing countries national polictics/govt. I bet world would be better place for next generation, if they stop it now. For 'some' selected countries, they want to fight for democratic govt. but they don't have any issues with rich and oily Princes of Saudia, UAE (Dubai), Kawait, Bahrain etc. Rather they are FAST friends of USA. How strange...

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