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Marty and Me

January 31, 2007 @ 17:39

Just before I met Melanie for lunch yesterday, and ran into an old CFNY/Edge buddy and I can't tell you how great it was to see him.

Martin Streek and I go way back. He first started to hang around CFNY in Brampton back in the mid-80s. At first he was an intern, and then an actual employee and then he became an announcer and then he became probably the most popular evening announcer in the city. It remains that way today.

When you hear Marty on the air, appreciate that no other radio station has that many listeners at that particular moment.

Marty looks good and says he hasn't felt as good in a few years. He still loves his job and he plans on doing it for as long as he can. Marty is a throwback to the days when CFNY was more than a radio station. It was family.

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Mel and Me

January 31, 2007 @ 15:22

I had another Dad moment yesterday. I was downtown having just finished some business when I noticed I was close to the CHUM/City building.

I picked up the phone and called my sweet Melanie who's been working for Muchmore Music for a couple of years now. I was hungry and wanted to see if she'd had lunch, and I hadn't seen her in close to three weeks.

We agreed to meet at the front doors of Much and then go grab a bite. And that's when it happened. When the door on Queen St. swung open and out walked my daughter, the career woman.

She has no idea of the feeling that came over me because I didn't make note of it, but it was almost surreal. In a flash these thoughts went through my mind.

She's beautiful, she carries herself impressively, she's no longer a little girl, and where did the time go? As she came through those doors, I actually felt lightheaded.

It was just yesterday that I was meeting this kid at the front doors of Terry Fox Public School to take her to McDonalds. Now I was meeting her at the front doors of her work place so she could take a few minutes away from her career so we could go and have Indian food.

Emotions are funny, and when you experience an equal amount of happy and sad at the same time it can send you for a loop.

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Personal Training Brampton Style

January 30, 2007 @ 16:02

Since the beginning of the New Year I've been visiting my local Brampton recreation centre to use an elliptical machine, and it's been very amusing. I won't name the facility t to protect the obese.
Like any city run rec centre they have all kinds of programs and one of the programs they offer is personal training. It's not cheap, about 450 bucks for 15 half hour sessions.

It wasn't until yesterday that I actually saw one of these "personal training" sessions taking place and it was all I could do from running out, grabbing a camera crew and shooting some of it for the Comedy Network.

I can't even remember what the trainee looked like, but the "trainer" was a sight to be hold. She was five-foot-nothin' with broken hair (Mike Stafford term) bad teeth and undersized spandex. A real Brampton Sal. (Another Stafford term)

The most shocking characteristic was her gut; it stuck out further than her tits. And watching demonstrate stomach crunches to her student was hilarious. Every time she leaned forward, or attempted to, she let out a grunt and her eyes bugged out.

From my perspective, the student who paid the dough appeared to be in much better shape than her trainer, and that was played out during the cardio portion when the trainer ran out of breath long before the student.

It was funny - however I know that anyone who knows me will be reading this shaking their head wondering how I could make fun of a woman whose gut sticks out farther than her tits, when I'm a man whose tits stick out further than his gut.

The difference is I'm not a personal trainer. However after what I saw yesterday, I might give it some thought.

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100 Bottles Of Beer In His Gut

January 26, 2007 @ 15:57

One further note on neighbour John.

He travels to the state of Ohio on a monthly basis and often visits a bar called the Winking Lizard in Columbus.

They have a program whereby you become a member with the sole purpose of drinking 100 different beers over the course of a year. They keep track through computer and when you reach 100, you get a jacket.

John paid his first visit of 2007 on Monday night. He was there for four hours and now he only has 83 beers to go.

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There's A Tilt In His Kilt

January 26, 2007 @ 14:52

Yesterday was Robbie Burns day. The birthday of a Scottish Poet sweet f-all to me but it's a big event at neighbour John's.

He's of Scottish heritage and follows the traditions of that country quite closely. The attached picture is of John about to eat a piece of haggis that his lovely wife Alison prepared.

I like all kinds of food from all over the world but I still have a tough time swallowing the haggis that is offered to me every January 25th.

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FP Was Almost An MP

January 24, 2007 @ 15:29

Don't be surprised by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party making an offer to OPP Sergeant Cam Wooley, this stuff happens all the time.

As they gear up for elections political parties think of every angle to give themselves and advantage and one of those strategies is to plunk "profile" people into open ridings and that's the situation with Wooley.

The Ontario PC's think his folksy and warm personality, along with his developed media persona will make him the type of candidate people will vote for - because we all know people don't vote after doing their homework, that takes up too much time.

I make this point because I can relate to it. Back in the fall of 2003 while working at a radio station, I received a call from the Alliance Party of Canada. It was a month before the Alliance and PC Party merged, and roughly seven months before the next federal election.

I met with two officials of the Alliance Party at a little restaurant just up from the radio station. It was no nonsense and they got right to the point.

They had listened to me on the radio for several years and they thought my profile and attitude was just what they needed in the riding of Toronto Centre. I was given the option of running in Brampton if I wanted, but they wanted me downtown.

The offer was intriguing and I actually thought about it for a few days. But it would mean leaving radio and getting my head around a whole new lifestyle.

I was used to working for five or six hours and day and then having the rest of my day to myself. In politics you have no time to yourself and no set hours. You become the property of your constituents and the party you run for.

It would mean long hours, lots of travel between Toronto and Ottawa, and probably mean I wouldn't get to spend much time in my beloved Kawarthas during the summer.

But in the end, it all came down to money. I looked at the job and salary I had, and then I looked at the job and salary that was proposed and the decision was simple. I couldn't afford the pay cut. Prime Minister Freddie P. would never be.

But shit happens and things change, and now, if like Wooley, I was to receive a call from the Provincial Tories, it might be a whole different story.

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It's About Time

January 23, 2007 @ 12:26

Interesting to see that Dave Keon has accepted an invitation to be at the ACC on February 17th when the MLSE honours the Leafs Stanley Cup team from 1967.

This apparently ends a long and icy feud that dates back to the Harold Ballard days when Keon had falling out with the miserable old bastard.

But forget Ballard, after he kicked the bucket the focus was put on Keon on who came across as childish little malcontent. I mean really, enough is enough.

Keon continuously rejected anything to do with Leaf reunions and "special nights" and apparently this was tied to Keon's opinion that the Leafs shouldn't have stopped retiring sweaters.

Regardless it's good to see he'll be at the ACC on the 17th of February and it makes me feel good for his son Dave Keon Jr.

Keon Jr. is one of the head game officials at the ACC and I always thought that given his position with MLSE his dad might be willing to let by-gones be by-gones to save his son some embarrassment.

One thing that bothers me about what will happen on February 17th is the door it will open for Leaf haters.

I can hear all the bullshit now. All that stuff about having to go back 40 years to honour a Cup team. The last one we had. Hab fans can chew me.

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Extreme Right

January 23, 2007 @ 12:22

Something else I did in Florida last week was tune into some right wing radio, notably Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Before I proceed, let me say this. On more than one occasion I've been accused of being a right wing bastard on this website, but I dispute that claim.

Yes I have become a Canadian conservative but only because of what was force fed to me for the previous 13 years. I have a party right now, but I'm not necessarily partisan.

If the Stephen Harper government gets a majority and then pisses me off I'll acknowledge it.
The only reason I've become a Conservative is because the Liberals have been ramming it up are collective assholes for more than a decade.

Blind Liberals have turned me into a Stephen Harper fan, and I can't understand why more people don't think the same way.

I plead my case because I'd hate to be grouped with the Rush Limbaugh's and Sean Hannity's of the world. These guys are blind conservatives. Pathetic blind conservatives.

Listening to them defend George Bush and the current American administration makes them sound downright silly. They refuse to budge on any issue. No matter what Georgie does, it's the right thing, regardless of the outcome.

But the biggest reason I wouldn't want to be grouped with these guys is because they're cowards, especially Limbaugh. He's a nasty little creep who sits in a little dark room making all kinds of vicious accusations against all kinds of people.

And when he's confronted, he runs and hides like a spineless little weasel. And Hannity isn't far behind.

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January 23, 2007 @ 12:17

When we were in Key West last week, my buddy Darren and me and visited the southernmost point of the continental USA.

There's a monument at a street corner that declares such and it points out that it's only 90 miles to Cuba. When you stand there and look at a map of Key West, you might argue whether this is actually the most southerly point, but that's beside the point.

I found something else more interesting.

It was one of those gloriously patriotic plaques that you often find in your travels around the United States. I wish I had taken a picture so I could refer to it word for word - but I didn't, so I can't.

However, I do remember one line about the United States being the worlds beacon for democracy, and that made me piss my pants.

It's amazing how Americans declare themselves so many things - especially when most of it is bullshit.

When I read the line about "beacon of democracy" I thought of all the voter irregularities in the 2000 American election and how there always seems to be a higher incidence of voter irregularities in areas with a higher density of black Americans.

And it made me think of the upcoming elections in 2008. If Barack Obama wins the democratic ticket you'll see voter irregularities like never before in the so-called beacon of democracy.

It's all in the numbers. If Obama wins the democratic ticket more blacks than ever before will vote in the next election. As it stands, the black vote is extremely pessimistic and reluctant in the States. It's an attitude of "what's the use?"

Watch what happens if Obama becomes the democratic candidate. Blacks will want to vote and they'll want to vote in big numbers - they'll want to vote in such huge numbers it will probably provide the balance of power - and that won't escape those conducting the election.

I predict we'll hear about more complaints of voter irregularity that ever before, in fact it will make 2000 look like nothing more than a minor glitch.

Once and for all we'll see what the world's great democracy is all about and it won't be pretty.

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Leafs Lunch

January 12, 2007 @ 09:32

Yesterday I wrote about MRI's and how professional athletes in Canada get quicker access to them than the average Joe does.

How is it that some nobody with a bad shoulder has to wait upwards of six months for an MRI, while somebody like Ian White of the Maple Leafs got one the next day after injuring his shoulder on Tuesday night?

I called my buddy Chicken Shwarma who's producer of Leafs Lunch to ask him if he could run the question by Bill Watters. Watters as you know was assistant general manager of the Leafs for several years.

Yesterday on the show, host Jeff Marek not only asked the question of Watters, he also gave a nice plug. Have a listen.

Thanks boys.

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