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Mr. Goohead - Buffalo

November 28, 2006 @ 19:10

Hey Freddie!

I just found your page full of Mr. Goohead calls, as I wanted my friends to hear the jerk chicken episode. I'm also now remembering one where he called Buffalo City Hall or something, trying to find Buffalo for the Leafs game, but all he could see was a pile of chicken wings and garbage. I would love to hear this again, have you still got it?

Craig Webster

Here ya go Craig - I made this call during the 1999 NHL Conference Final. Leafs vs. Sabres.

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Breakfast With Scot

November 24, 2006 @ 12:46

The Toronto Maple Leafs have "come out" as the first openly gay team in the National Hockey League.

In a shocking move MLSE has given their blessing to a Canadian movie about a gay hockey player who played for the Leafs. It's called "Breakfast with Scot" and his currently being filmed in Hamilton and the GTA.

The stamp of approval by the organization can lead to only one conclusion. The Leafs are gay.

It explains so many things. Like why they got rid of Tie Domi and Pat Quinn. Domi apparently loved team showers and switching roommates on road trips, but he was much too rough and kept causing lower body injuries to other Leafs.

And Pat Quinn? He didn't mind favours from any player willing to do anything to get on the ice, but in the end the players decided if they were going to crawl under that desk they wanted something a little fresher… and firmer.

That's when John Ferguson Jr. was brought in to clean house. Many have been suspicious of his forced and somewhat contrived voice and his use of big words - it's an obvious attempt to sound masculine and cover something up.

Ferguson quickly went to work signing coach Paul Maurice who loves to work with the "young guys". Fergy also signed Pavel "big club" Kubina, Mike"lick my" Peca and Hal Gill "the Anal Drill."

Andrew Raycroft is another interesting story. Not good enough to play for anyone else in the league, Fergie makes him "the guy" and pays him over two million. What's that all about? Oh yea, apparently he's great in the dressing room.

And what about the big Swede? Last year were heard that 35 year old Mats Sundin broke up with his girlfriend. Sure he did. Odd enough he's not married in his mid-30's but this guy is never seen with a woman and he never hesitates to say how much he loves his team mates - especially Tie Domi.

Which brings us back to Domi. If he's gay what was he doing with that politician chick? It proves once and for all Belinda Stronach has a dick.

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TV Guy

November 13, 2006 @ 17:57

Nice piece about Michael Landsberg in the Sunday Star. Chris Zelkovich did one of those "Unplugged" features on Michael.

Hey man, don't get me wrong, Michael's a nice guy and you can't argue with the "success" of "Off The Record", but I've always been amused by the attention television gets over radio.

Especially when you look at the numbers. The average daily audience that "Off The Record" attracts across the country would get a Toronto radio morning man fired.

And don't I know it.

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I Am Not Stan Butler

November 9, 2006 @ 16:49

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Those Were The Days

November 1, 2006 @ 17:50

Halloween was rather quiet on our street last night, another indication of the passage of time. There doesn't seem to be a lot of movement in my neighbourhood so I guess a lot of the kids have simply grown up.

I always have a heavy heart on Halloween. It's something I used to enjoy when my kids were young.

I'd decorate the house and I had this ritual of putting on baggy clothes and a hockey mask and flopping on the park bench in front of the house.

Kids thought it was a scarecrow until they got up real close and I lunged towards them. Believe me I caused soilage in more than one pair of underwear.

Last night was sad - hardly any kids came to the door and all it did was remind me that time has moved too quickly. And if that wasn't bad enough as I was placing the pumpkin yesterday my neighbour's friend went out of his way to tell me how old Billie looks.

Billie's my dog. She's 11.

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