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Dear Stephanie

September 27, 2006 @ 17:09

I'd like to send a message to Stephanie Smyth of 640 Toronto and offer her a little advice.

Those of you who don't work in the radio biz probably aren't aware of this but there's a website out there that deals with radio.

It's one of those forums where you can offer your comments about the radio business, and for the most part it can be helpful and interesting.

However, there's a group of nasty little fellows who frequent the board. They're radio wannabes, who for whatever reason never got to live their dream, but somehow along the way they became experts.

Their method of getting attention is by baiting people within the business with uninformed and shockingly mindless postings.

Yesterday there was such a posting on the board taking a shot at Stephanie Smyth and am 640. It was unfair and stupid but unfortunately Stephanie replied to it.

And that's why I'd like to send this message to Stephanie. You should never respond to these guys. The minute you respond to them you legitimize them, and believe me, the group I'm talking about does not deserve to be legitimized.

They don't matter.

Listen, we all deserve criticism at some time. And for the most part I think most of us who've worked in radio have become rather thick-skinned.

We often "give it" so we have to learn to "take it." But when you take it, you immediately have to assess it and consider where it's coming from and decide whether it's worthy of a response.
Stephanie, believe me, your time could have been much better spent yesterday - you have nothing to prove to these guys.

And finally Stephanie, I know we've never met, but I'm sure you've gotten to know me through "the board'.

I'm the unemployed has-been-never-was farting redneck who will never work in the business again because I'm no longer attractive to the general managers I used to blow in the washroom.

True man True!

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Mel and Me

September 18, 2006 @ 17:17

I received the ultimate compliment this weekend. My wife had to go out of town on business but that didn't stop me from heading north.

But I didn't go alone. On Thursday my darlin' daughter Melanie called me and said she wouldn't mind headin' up with me.

So Friday afternoon I picked her up from work and we headed for the tin palace.

When we arrived, I was quite taken aback by the reaction. Several of our friends were quite impressed that Mel and I "could" spend the weekend together. That a 50 year old man and his 24 year old daughter had the type of relationship that would allow them to co-exist for an entire weekend. That it wasn't awkward.

I really got the impression that this was unique situation. Most young women wouldn't spend a weekend away with "only" their dad. It blew me away because up until that point I didn't give it a second thought. I was going up north, and Mel wanted to go. So I picked her up and we went.

She's my kid and I like having her around, and apparently she doesn't mind being around me. We're both a couple of nut balls and we laugh at the same stuff. Not only that, but she moved out a couple of months ago and I miss the little fart.

I take our relationship for granted but apparently it's not the norm. Go figure.

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He Likes It

September 13, 2006 @ 17:04

While I was at CH TV yesterday, Bill Carroll just happened to be there and he offered this.

Unsolicited, Bill said "Hey Freddie, I really like your website."

I said "Really"?

And he said "Yea, I didn't know you were so conservative".

Then I said "I never used to be, but all those liberal bastards demonizing Stephen Harper without giving him a chance pushed me that way."

And then Bill said "I know what you mean, but man, looking at your website, you'd swear I wrote it."

I consider that a solid compliment.

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