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Love The Guy

August 30, 2006 @ 16:58

We left Ottawa yesterday. But before we left I visited a museum while Delyse did some shopping.

It wasn't the Museum of Civilization or the War Museum or the Art Museum - it was a "radio museum" located out in Napean.

I spent a couple of hours with Peter Griffin. Peter Griffin is Pete of the old Pete and Geets Show. He's a great man with a wealth of stories about Toronto radio.

He was the original morning man at CHUM-FM after it went rock and it was shortly after that when he teamed up with Geets.

In 1980 they made the jump to CFNY. It was actually a re-union. Pete came from CHUM-FM while Geets came from Q-107.

They stayed at NY till 1987 and then Pete headed for Ottawa where he worked part time in radio until he retired a few years ago.

I can't begin to re-hash all the stories that Pete told me yesterday, and it really wouldn't do them any justice. You have to hear them from Pete with his fabulous story telling ability and his infectious laugh.

Here's a man who worked all over North America. If I'm not mistaken he told he worked at 21 radio stations in his first three years. He enjoyed moving around, and that's a good thing because he pretty well had to. Back then you could be fired for anything with no re-course what so ever.

Pete and I sat in a Montana's for over two hours and it was probably the best two hours I've spent in a long time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seven years I did sports on the Pete and Geets show and in retrospect it provides nothing but warm and wonderful memories.

I know lots of CFNY fans from the 80s frequent this site and I'm glad to report that Pete is alive and kickin' and still laughin' in Ottawa.

He's a beaut.

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My Friend Jerrold

August 18, 2006 @ 17:50

The guy standing in front of my Tiki Bar with the fish is my trailer friend Jerry. Jerry Richard.

I call him Jerrod or Jerrold. For no particular reason other than he's the kind of guy you like to dick around with.

Jerrold is one of a kind. He's a generous man with a huge heart. He's also worlds greatest bargain hunter.

Every Saturday morning Jerrold and his wife Jen get up early, hop in the car, and go looking for garage sales and yard sales. It's amazing what they come back with, and what's even more amazing is he never spends more than five bucks.

This year alone he's purchased the following for five bucks. A chain saw (that doesn't cut) A lawn mower (that doesn't work) and a set of golf clubs (that work too well).

We all look forward to Jerrold's return from these shopping trips because we know there will always be a story. A story of how he talked a guy down from six or seven bucks - to five bucks.
Five bucks, five bucks, five bucks. That's our Jerrold. Always five bucks.

Except for one time this season. He went into a Chinese grocery store and bought two strip loins steaks for three bucks. That's right. Two New York strip loin steaks for three bucks.

I'm sure if he had to he would have spent five bucks on these. I'm sure most people would have preferred to spend ten or 15 or even 20 dollars on these. But never one to let a bargain go by, Jerrold grabbed the three dollar strip loin steaks.

He also barbequed the strip loin steaks. But he couldn't eat the strip loins. And you know why he couldn't eat the strip loin steaks?

Because that bloody chain saw doesn't work.

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Another Frustrating Broadcasting Story

August 16, 2006 @ 16:55

It's interesting what's happened at Sportsnet. In case you didn't know or didn't hear, the sports network has had a change of direction (I love that term) and drastically reduced their hockey coverage.

Instead of Hockey Central being a nightly feature, it's been reduced to a weekly feature.

Among the casualties was Sportsnet news director Scott Morrison who just signed on with Hockey Night in Canada.

But here's the point. Sportsnet in my opinion, and in the opinion of many guys I know, had surpassed TSN in its hockey analysis. It was flat-out more entertaining.

Bill Watters, Nick Kypreos and Gord Stellick had their finger on the button people. It was a lot easier to watch, and a lot more informative than anything TSN had to offer.

Kypreos, who actually cut his teeth on the Humble and Fred Show was exceptional. He and Watters are so well connected the show simply had something to offer every night.

But ratings are ratings, and bean counters are bean counters and for those reasons it couldn't continue. And because of that, we all lose.

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