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Atta Boy Elli

July 30, 2006 @ 16:38

I arrived back in Brampton last night just in time to watch the Argo game. Talk about disaster. They stink. But I've said it all along; I don't think they're coached very well.

Like everybody else in Canada, I love Pinball Clemons and you can't measure the contribution he's made to the Argos, the CFL and the city of Toronto. I just don't think he's a very good coach.

But I'll tell you who is good. Elliotte Friedman. He's the new host of the CBC's CFL telecasts, and talk about an improvement.

He is so much better than Brian Williams in that capacity it's scary. When Williams made the move to TSN a couple of months ago, I wrote on this very site that I thought "the dean" of Canadian sportscasters was a little over-rated.

Friedman has proved that. Elliotte is smooth, and interesting and down to earth - three attributes that had escaped Brian Williams.

I don't know what was involved in William's departure from the CBC, although I do know at the time it was presented as a tragedy. The network was taking a big hit. I don't think so.

However, if the general consensus is that William's abrupt ending at the CBC was a mistake - then the old "Mother Corp" fell upwards.

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July 29, 2006 @ 16:46

News Item

MONTREAL -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen to "support intolerance" by refusing to attend an international gathering of gay athletes, singer K.D. Lang said yesterday at a press conference.

Lang was critical of her fellow Albertan for failing to support the World Outgames, which is expected to attract up to 13,000 gay, bisexual and transgendered athletes when it begins today.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest, interim Liberal leader Bill Graham and Bloc Quebecois's Gilles Duceppe are all expected to attend.

What is it about certain minority groups, that the second they don't get their way, they lash out and accuse people of vicious things that are difficult to defend yourself against?

The Prime Minister has chosen "not" to attend the World Outgames, so that immediately makes him a supporter of intolerance.

In other words, according to KD Lang, because Stephen Harper won't show his face at a goofy little get together in Quebec, he's intolerant - and therefore - anti-gay.

That's a pretty harsh accusation to direct at a world leader simply because he might have something else to do.

Who knows, maybe he doesn't have something else to do. Maybe he's like a lot of people and has decided not to support something so divisive and exclusionary as a gathering of gay athletes.

Why is there a need for the World Outgames? Are gay athletes not allowed in the Olympics or Commonwealth Games? Well of course they are.

Is there any International Track Meet that excludes gay athletes? I think not.

Now, let's twist it around. Are heterosexuals allowed to compete in the World Outgames. Well judging by their very description, I don't think "straights" are welcome.

So tell us KD, you stunned witch - who's chosen to support intolerance?

I have a tough time relating to people like KD Lang. I guess you could say the only thing that we have in common is that neither one of us would swallow a one eyed whale.

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Eating Our Own

July 21, 2006 @ 16:08

Typical. Typical that so many have taken the opportunity to attack George Stroumboulopoulos, one of the nicest guys in broadcasting.

And I'm not talking about anything that's been said or written in the states - who gives a shit what they say.

I'm talking about the Canadian crap that's been written since Strombo's new show "The One" debuted on Tuesday night.

It's a funny country this Canada. Reading some of the stuff you'd swear most of the jerk offs who wrote it were hoping the show would bomb. Hoping that a young Canadian guy, who got the chance of a lifetime, would fall flat on his face.

It's a security thing I think. Most of the arsholes who are in a position to pass judgment, deep down, are jealous. They can only dream of picking up the phone one day and having their agent tell them to get on a plane to Los Angeles as soon as you can.

It's a call that 99.999 percent of us will never get, and unfortunately that drives some people nuts. Especially some of the weasels in the print media.

One guy who really blew me away was Steve Tilley of the Sun. Here's a guy that didn't give Strombo a break going in, or out. His entire column on Wednesday was some piece of crap about a nose ring, with a couple cheesy lines thrown in about the name Stroumboulopoulos.

And on the subject of the nose ring. Some think George sold out. Are you kidding me?

If any of the critics who claim George sold out had the same opportunity, they'd run over your back dashing to the airport. Every single one of them.

George Stroumboulopoulos did what any responsible, talented ambitious young man would do. He pursued an opportunity. An opportunity that could have, and still might, lead to a show business career in the States that could make him millions and millions of dollars.

George Stroumboulopoulos has nothing to be ashamed of. And if the show "The One" does not survive he should have no regrets.

George Stroumboulopoulos has already lived an experience the vast majority of us can only dream of. But for some reason in Canada, that doesn't impress people, it pisses them off.

Go figure

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My 50th

July 11, 2006 @ 18:15

Sunday July 9th marked my 50th birthday. I sit here and a look at that number and I can't believe it.

I honestly don't feel 50, but then again who really knows what 50 feels like. Age is just a number and to tell you the truth, I feel better now than I did five years ago when I was constantly battling back problems.

Age, when you get right down to it, is an attitude and I'd like to think I have the same attitude that I did twenty years ago. I don't feel any different.

Anyway, if there is anything that can keep you young it's with the company you keep, and that's another thing I love about my trailer.

Delyse and I have the greatest group of friends a couple could have - and Saturday night, as a celebration of my 50th, they went wild and made it a memorable one.

We thought our kids were taking us out for dinner. To the Old Bridge Inn in Youngs Point. Reservations were for eight o'clock, and we were running a little behind time when we jumped in the truck and headed out.

But we didn't get far. About seven trailers down, there was a bright orange pylon in the middle of the road. I thought it was odd, but then figured one of the kids might have put it there.

As I approached the pylon, someone stepped out from behind the Collins trailer - our good friends Brian and Karen Collins - the man who stepped out was the resident grandfather of the park, Doug Laird.

I rolled down the window and Doug asked if he could take my car keys.

"Why" I said.

"Because we offer valet parking here at the Lakeside Bistro" he said

It was at that point that Delyse and I noticed the red carpet and burning torches leading up to the Collins deck. And then we realized what as going on.

As a birthday present to me and Delyse.. her 50th was in May.. our friends decided to honour us with a gourmet meal.

As we got out of the truck and walked up the red carpet all our friends appeared, and it was a great feeling.

Mike Kimber was dressed as the maitre'de. Pam Kimber and Karen Collins were dressed as hostesses. And Brian Collins was dressed as the chef.

My daughter Melanie also acted has a hostess, and my son Danny instantly became the bartender.

We were escorted to the Collins screen room where there was a table set for two. It was absolutely beautiful - like any high end restaurant you've ever been to.

We were handed professional looking menus that featured several cocktails, and wines and beers.

The appetizer selection was seafood scallops, delicious breads and a wonderful curried mango salad.

The main course was unbelievable. Brian Collins had caught several pickerel and they were pan fried with a light dusting of flour. It's Brian's specialty, and it was absolutely outstanding.

We also had salmon and cold jerk chicken with sweet potato fries - and for dessert we had Karens famous sex in the pan and Irish Coffee.

While we ate, Erin Abrams played the acoustic guitar in the background. It truly was magical, a wonderful gift and very much appreciated.

But it wasn't over. After dinner we headed to the Tiki Bar to finish off the night. Everyone agreed to be there at midnight, for the official arrival of my birthday.

And once we got there, I got another surprise. My good friends Dan Duran and Bruce Mallory had been busy while we were eating. They had gone up to my place and totally wired the Tiki Bar with switches and outlets.

Not only that, but they had wired something to hang my golden shoes on (the bocce championship shoes) They hung from the Tiki Bar roof and slowly turned like a disco ball. And then they told me to flip another switch, and a spotlight pointed at the shoes. It was unbelievable.

And then the party really kicked in with my good buddy Darren manning the blender making all kinds of delicious drinks that make you feel like shit the next day.

I've got to be honest. I don't like surprise parties, and everybody I know was given strict instructions not to give us a surprise party.

This was a surprise, but it was the perfect surprise. We didn't have to walk into a room full of people… several we haven't seen for years… and go through all those awkward moments. The people who surprised us on Saturday night were the same people I had hung out with all day.

It was fantastic and really made us feel great. There's nothing like having fabulous friends and then having them acknowledge you with such a thoughtful, well planned and memorable event.

Several people played a part in the evening, including some I haven't mentioned.
Like Dan and Tracy, Gerry and Jen, Lisa and Lori, Glen and April, Pete and Sylvia, Darryl and Jen, Sandra and Jackie.

Thank you all…. Ya buggers.

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She's Leaving Home

July 11, 2006 @ 11:21

This posting might be of interest to all the old CFNY listeners who frequent this site. Those who often ask about my kids. Those who remember me having my daughter Melanie on the air at various times throughout her life.

Last night I went downtown with Mel while she signed a lease for her own apartment. Actually, she'll be sharing it with a friend. It's the top two floors of a renovated house just west of the beaches, and to say Mel is excited, would be an understatement. She's over the top.

I wish the same could be said for me. I'm actually quite sad. As I looked at her glowing face signing that document last night, like any father, I wondered where the years went.
How could the period of time between September of 1982, and July of 2006 pass by so quickly? Why do kids have to grow up, and who says they have to move out of the house in their 20's?

But as Delyse keeps telling me, Melanie is ready for this move and it's just the latest event in a young "eventful" life. Mel wants it and she's earned it.

Like her brother, she's never given us any trouble. She went to school, she went to college and now she's a career woman with a solid future. The next step was inevitable, she wants her own space.

But again, that doesn't make it any easier for me. I can't get my head around the fact that as of August lst, she won't live us anymore.

After August lst, when she comes home.. to this home.. it will be called a visit. And I certainly don't like the sound of that.

She's our darlin'.

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